Brett Lilly’s Practice Focuses on Appeals
Brett Lilly has several years of litigation experience in federal and state courts. Brett also served as a judicial clerk for a Colorado Supreme Court Justice and three District Court Judges.

Brett understands litigation and appeals from both the appellate and trial court perspective. Let him help with your appeal or with drafting or responding to complex motions.

Civil Appeals
Brett has litigated many civil appeals, including the following published cases:

Recently, Brett published Intentional Interference with Contractual Relations in Colorado, 54 The Colorado Lawyer 65 (July, 2016).   

In addition to the Colorado Court of Appeals, Brett has successfully litigated in the United States Supreme Court, the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, the Supreme Court of the State of Colorado.

law and justice United States Supreme Court
Brett has litigated many civil rights and election law cases, including the following published cases from the United States Supreme Court:

Supreme Court of the State of Colorado
Brett has also litigated significant election law and open records cases in the Supreme Court of the State of Colorado:



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